Since 2012, Dru Thompson has been committed to developing hands on sewing skills through fashion design, sewing and tailoring. As many American high schools have largely shifted their focus to preparing students for four-year colleges rather than vocational school, a void has been left for skilled trade talent such as seamstresses and tailors.

Finding qualified and skilled seamstresses stands as an ongoing challenge for small business owners in the fashion industry, creating significant workloads and wait times for alterations and custom work. High demand for alterations and custom designs coupled with a lack of skilled talent in the field has forced many custom design businesses to become overworked and in some cases, cause to close down.

In an effort to help close the gap in skilled talent, Dru Thompson teaches a series of sewing classes within her studio, Dru Christine Fabrics and Design. These course teach basic sewing skills, such as operating a sewing machine, garment construction, hand sewing and other skills needed for the field.  With a proven track record of success, these classes are highly sought out for many of the city’s up and coming designers and lovers of the art of sewing alike. 
Hence, SewCLE was born.

As the need for more skilled sewers grows, the need for additional training is evident.


We want to train sewers with these skills and creative entrepreneurship, which, in turn will stimulate economic growth in our community.  Funding would support these classes through the purchase of additional supplies, fabrics and wages for these sessions.

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