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 Dru Christine
Fabrics & Design 
1615 East 25th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114 
(inside Lake Affect Studios)


Wednesdays: 4-8pm
Saturdays:  12-4pm
Reservations required, to reserve your space, click here.

Designer. Entrepreneur. Fashion Professional.

Dru Thompson covers them all.

Dru Thompson continues to become a constant in Cleveland's business

and art community not only as a fashion designer, but is currently

gaining ground as a writer, mentor, community leader and educator.

The designer's journey through fashion started at an early age. Self

taught in the craft of sewing by 13 years old, Dru later strengthened

her creative talents in college where she pursued fashion design ANDP

further developed a love for the industry. It was during these years that

first revealed her drive and initiative for the art by producing college

based fashion shows featuring herself along with fellow design


Armed with these educational and professional experiences, after

graduation from The University of Akron, Dru set out with a new

determination to fully cultivate her talents as a designer and

entrepreneur. She continued to develop her creative skills while

studying various facets of the fashion and art industry. Dru continued

to showcase and market her clothing line, 'druewho?' In the Northeast

Ohio area through fashion showcases, and various local boutiques.

After years of working on her brand, Dru realized the success and

recognition of 'druewho?', and changed the name to 'Dru Christine'.

The name derived from a combination of her college nickname, (Dru)

and her middle name, (Christine). The name also reflects her growth as

a fashion designer as well as the maturity of her clients that grew with

the brand.

In August 2012, Thompson opened her boutique, Dru Christine Fabrics

and Design, a fashion design studio which continues to flourish in The

Waterloo Arts District. The boutique is home for the designer's custom

clientele as well carries pieces from Dru Christine's up to the moment

apparel for women and men. Dru also sells vintage and contemporary

fabrics, rare accessory lines and artwork from local artisans.

Recently, Dru has transferred her fashion expertise to other areas

including education, journalism and mentoring. Thompson has

partnered with several Northeast Ohio organizations as a business

mentor and guest speaker and currently is a fashion writer for

www.coolcleveland.com, as well as her own blog,

'Dru Christine: Hustle & Sew'.

To stay updated on this designer:

Official Website: www.druchristine.com

Facebook: Dru Christine Fabrics & Design


LinkedIn: Dru Christine Fabrics & Design

Twitter: @druchristine

Wordpress: www.druchristine.wordpress.com


CALL FOR ENTRY:  1.440.941.0052

Wednesdays, 12-6pm
Thursday, 12-6pm
Fridays, 12-5pm
Saturdays, 11-4pm

By appointment only.
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 Dru Christine Fabrics & Design
1615 East 25th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

(inside Lake Affect Studios)

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