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Arrivals: Camp arrival time is 9:00am.
Departures: Camp departure time is 3:00pm.

Late Fees: Any fees for late pick-up will be charged to your account.
Late fees of $5 for every 15 minute interval or part thereof will be assessed for campers not picked up by 3:15pm.

If your camper is going to be absent, please call 1.440.941.0052 to notify our staff.


All campers are responsible for bringing their own SACK lunch and beverage (no glass containers, please).   Lunches can be refrigerated as needed.  Campers WILL NOT be permitted to purchase food from any restaurant or food stand while participating in Sewing Camp.

We will provide a mid-morning snack for all campers. Examples of snacks that may be served include: animal crackers, graham crackers, string cheese, cheese and crackers.  Bottled water will be available for purchase of $1.

Due to the severe nut allergies of an increasing number of children, we will not serve snacks containing nuts, nut products, or peanut butter.


To provide for the safe enjoyment of all campers, counselors will not allow inappropriate behaviors. Examples of inappropriate behaviors include:

Name calling 
Taking back 
Excessive cell phone usage 
Disobeying the safety rules 
Deliberately damaging equipment 
Breaking another campers skin

Should a camper misbehave, we will work with the child to make sure that they are aware of the unacceptability of their actions and to jointly agree to a solution to prevent any further offenses. Depending on the severity of the offense, camp staff may need to progressively work through the following consequences:

Time Out 
Call to parents 
Parent meeting 

Suspension from program (with no refund)

While the discipline policy will be reviewed with all campers on their first morning at camp, please discuss this policy with your camper before that time. Camp staff believes that your understanding of these expectations, and your support of them, is integral to your camper’s positive experience.