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Dru Thompson offers a variety of topics in the following areas:





*topics can tailored to meet the needs of the group or organization.


"Hustle & Sew" The Life of A Fashion Entrepreneur 
Participants will learn:
The educational background and professional tools needed the in field.
The ups and downs with running a fashion business.
The importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset.
"The Art of Business" 
Participants will learn:
The most common assumptions about being and entrepreneur and an artist.
The balance between Art and Business and how to successfully manage both.
Key factors that will make you a profitable artist.
"Envision A Fashionable You" Style and Image Presentation
Participants will learn:
Learn how fit and color can transform your image.
Learn how to make the items in your closet work together.
On Site Examples on developing your own personal style.
"The 15 Second Window" Professional Image Presentation
Participants will learn:
How first impressions can effect your progress.
The do's and don'ts for professional dress.
Tips for building a professional wardrobe.